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Top 3 Renovations to Complete Before Spring

Want to make renovations to your home? Wondering which will be the best investment?

Here are the top 5 renovations that will beautify your home and increase its value.

1. Replace or Refinish Flooring

We are hardest on floors as we live day in and out in our homes. Treading day in and day out. The carpet is worn. Wood floors are scratched. There's nothing like getting new carpet or refinishing hardwoods to bring new life to your home or prepare it to be sold for the most value.

2. Upgrade Insulation

Not many would consider this as a needed renovation, but it makes a difference. In San Antonio, we have sweltering heat in the summer and some freezing temperatures in the winter. The insulation of a home can fall short after years due to deterioration and compacting. In turn, the heat and A/C bills can increase due to poor insulation of the home. This is one renovation that can save you money year after year.

3. Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen tends to be the heart of the home for large and small gatherings. From daily family traffic to occasional celebrations, it is one of the most trafficked areas of the home. Be it a wonky configuration or very dated appliances and countertops, it would add significant functionality, appeal, and value once upgraded. It is a big endeavor, but well worth it.

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