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San Antonio Real Estate in the Midst of a Pandemic

March 2020, our city's normal engagement and interaction both socially and economically came to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our new normal as a society is very different now- protocol's in place, stay at home orders, social distancing and mask requirements for our safety, and the way we conduct daily life and business has changed to keep the communities of our city healthy.

Some areas of the economy have slowed, while others have had the devastation of closing their doors permanently, San Antonio's real estate market has not slowed one bit. While that is a sign of a prosperous city that will make a come back, it requires a change in the way real estate interactions and transactions are achieved both safely for our health, and successfully for our clients.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped the need for San Antonio homeowners to sell or buy a home. As a broker, I needed to add protocols for the safety and health of my clients and my own family while conducting business.

As part of the new way of conducting real estate with buyers and sellers, I put in place a COVID-19 Warning disclosure that is distributed to all potential clients prior to showings and listing appointments. It must be signed before our first meeting in regards to wellness, the protocol of proper sanitization before entering homes and upon leaving homes, maintaining the 6ft apart protocol, and essential face mask use during both the buyers showings and sellers listing appointments. And, the disclosure must be put into action EACH TIME I meet with the clients.

So far, it has been working well! I've safely met with buyers for showings, have had listing appointments with sellers, have closed many homes for my sellers, and listed homes and land for my clients since the beginning of the pandemic. It's possible to conduct real estate transactions safely as long as both the client and broker/Realtor take the necessary precautions.

While none of us could have imagined this "new normal" a year ago, protocols and orders, rest assured, I will put in to place all of the safety precautions necessary to protect the health of my clients.

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