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5 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Living Space for Summer

1. Create Comfortable Hangout Zones

It's no secret that people love to perch and naturally gravitate toward spaces that invite them to sit and stay awhile. Make your patio or deck more appealing to the masses by first creating distinct and purposeful zones that pull people in, like a lounge, bar, or outdoor kitchen and dining area. You can use a pergola, and a couple of rugs to break up the "open" floor plan, creating distinct spaces that your family will want to spend time in.

2. Make a Fire Pit Your Focal Point

Summertime calls for s'mores and ghost stories. Give your family a good excuse to gather 'round by making a fire pit the focal point of your sitting area — and pay close attention to the shape of the feature. A square fire pit like this, with its clean lines and sharp edges, will fit neatly against a sectional and lend a sleek touch to the space, while something circular will generally soften the setting and make it feel a bit more intimate.

3. Use Greenery to Make It Feel Organic

What would an oasis be without lush greenery? Help your space feel far away from everyday stressors and breathe a sigh of relief every time you step outside by putting in planters overflowing with foliage. You'll notice that the more types of containers you use, from freestanding to hanging, the more organic the setting will look.

4. Invest in a Quality Dining Table

Your dreams of dining al fresco can become your reality with the right table. Invest in a solid wood piece that's low maintenance and weather resistant (teak and acacia wood are both great options) and make sure that it's long enough to fit the whole family. A quality table will last for years to come and can easily be customized through the seasons with flatware caddies, runners, cushions, and more.

5. Add Bistro Lights for Ambiance

Let the conversation linger well past dinner by adorning your space with bistro lights. Larger bulbs like this will cast your dining table in the most flattering glow and dial up the ambiance. If you put them on a timer, you can also save a little money and energy, while enjoying their glow night after night.

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Above courtesy of HGTV

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