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3 Quick Tips to Increase Your Home's Value

As many of us are doing our part to stay at home and stay healthy during this unprecedented time of COVID-19, we tend to become more aware of our surroundings- specifically our home. Things that didn't seem to bother us before are having us consider repainting, rearranging, remodels, or even selling our homes.

If selling your home is not quite in the cards yet, and you want to do some sprucing up of your home, these are some reasonable changes and investments you can make in your home to increase the value while making it your happy place again.

Paint It

Fresh paint on walls immediately makes a room look clean and updated. This is an immediate change that can give a room, or many rooms in your house, a new feel as well as instant value. You may want a pop of color on one wall of a room as an accent! Keep in mind that neutrals are always appealing. Just this one small change of color to one, two, or all rooms, could give you that feeling of newness and rekindled love for your home.


There isn't a better time then now to do a little home improvement. Hiring an inspector to come to your home and do a check-up is a wise and valuable investment. An inspector will look at your home from the foundation, to the roof-top, and everything in between. Their job is to make sure everything is up to code and functioning as it should. Small repairs suggested by the inspector now is better than having large repairs detected later when items in your home begin to break. This is both a valuable investment in the care of your home, as well as when it comes time for you to sell your home since you have been a vigilant homeowner for the new owners.

Low-Maintained Landscaping

Trees, flowers, and shrubs equal curb appeal. Let's be honest, a home with the right landscape is appealing to anyone's eyes. It's important to keep in mind that we live in a warm climate where drought conditions can put a damper on growing colorful and delicate hydrangeas. Planning out a native and regional drought tolerant landscape that will be both colorful, lush, and appealing to the eye (even during drought conditions) is a wise investment for you as the homeowner, and for a future home owner that might be interested in buying your home. Planting a low-maintenance landscape for your front and back yard now will not only lower your watering bill, but will give you a beautiful new yard to enjoy!

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